GeorgeIntveldThe new season is starting and looking back at our first season as Leesburg Travel Soccer I think we can say that is was very successful. During the first season we concentrated in every age group mostly on improving our technique since it was quite obvious that there was a lack of it. By the end of the season we had seen an incredible improvement in the category.

For the upcoming season our priorities will change a little bit. In the age groups up to U16 basically it will stay the same. Mostly we will work on technique and a little tactical improvement.

In the age groups above that there will be a lot more emphasis on the tactical aspect and winning. Of course we will keep on working on the technical part also. But with technique alone you cannot win games. Where do we have to improve. Condition, being focused,  concentration during the game, effort and also the will to win.

We have travel teams. That means we are competitive and have the will to win. To be in the starting line up you have to earn that spot. nobody is guaranteed a starting position.  Everybody is guaranteed 2 practices a week with good coaches. The rest is up to the player him or her self. Also the amount of playing time. Here the players condition is very important. Every player has to be able to play 2 complete halves.

When you practice you should have the intention that every exercise you do will be better than the last one. If you practice with the mentality oh I can do this already you will not get better. If we all work on our selves and next to that working on becoming a team we will have a very successful season coming up.

I wish everybody a pleasant and successful season coming up. And do not forget to have fun.


Coach Intveld


The Netherlands Soccer Trip – May-June 2017

We will in cooperation with The Dutch Soccer Academy a soccer trip  The Netherlands for U19 and U16 advanced and talented player. This will happen from May 29th till June 12th.

The Itinerary will be as follows. Minor changes will be possible.


May 29th     Depart from Orlando

May 30th     Arrive at Schiphol airport, Amsterdam. Transport and checking in our accommodation.

May 31 th     We will be visiting Giethoorn, Venice of the North, Everybody and everything moves here by boat. From here we will be going to

Bourtange direct at the border with Germany where is one of the oldest existing fords in the Netherlands. At night we will be playing

here a friendly game against the vv Westerwolde. A club I use to coach when living there

June 1st         Full day pro clinic

June 2nd       Full day pro clinic

June 3rd        Tournament day

June 4th        Tournament day

June 5th        Relocate and Visit to FC Utrecht my old club

June 6th        Visit to Gouda (cheese) and Kinderdijk where the biggest concentration of ofwindmills is. At night a friendly game against RVVH a top

amateur team in the Netherlands.

June 7th        Day off. To be filled in by everybody him/herself. Or for special requests

June 8th        Visit Port Of Rotterdam and Delft (Delft Blue). At night game against vv Rijsoord.

June 9th        Visit Amsterdam. At night we will be seeing the worldcup qualifier of the Netherlands against Luxembourg.

June 10th      Surprise visit to a club for the end of season celebration.

June 11th       Packing up and getting ready to g back home .

June 12th       Flight back to Orlando


As you can see the first week of our visit is very heavy on soccer. Practice, clinic, tournament. The second week is lighter with more sightseeing and also, the visit to 2 clubs where we will experience how clubs in the Netherlands function in comparison to ours. We will get to know people and kids our own age and exchange experiences and see first hand how live in theNetherlands is for teenagers.





How Much Will This Trip Cost?

The total cost of this trip including: Flight: Hotel: 3 meals a day: all transportation in The Netherland by comfortable touring car; All entree fees; clinic and tournament fee’s. For club members $1.975.00.

For non clubmembers  $2,250,00. This will include US Clubsoccer id card and 2 complete outfits.

Guestplayers are welcome but clubplayers will have  preference.

Everybody has to realize this trip will be very competitive. There will be scouts from different clubs present at all games we play. During Thanksgiving, Christmas  and Springsbreak we will have 2 days of practice for the players going

There also will be the possibility for complete teams to sign up.

This trip this time will be only  for boys. We are also planning a girls trip. As soon as we have details about that they will be announced. probably in September for a trip in the summer of 2017′

Information about sign up and how to pay and when will follow asap.

For more info contact George Intveld by email






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